Re: single column cursor in GtkTreeView

Hi Freddie,

Freddie Unpenstein wrote:
In the meantime, would it be possible to either switch off
highlighting entirely, or "hide" the highlight (set the highlight
style equal to the normal style); and then fake the highlight
using a background colour property? I'm not sure how you'd go
about picking which specific cell was clicked on, but it
aught to be possible. The hard part, I presume, though, would be
making it look consistant with regular selection highlighting.

I browsed over the API docs but found nowhere a 'highlight'
property in the widget hierarchy.

I doubt there would be one.  There is, however, a highlight style, which I presume is what the Cell 
Renderer's are using.  If you could make that style identical to the "normal" style (how does one do that?), 
it should effectively hide the highlight.  Then it's a matter of faking the highlight by fiddling foreground 
and background colours, or perhaps even the style of the cell prior to rendering (a row render function, 
perhaps?).  Do cell renderers have a "pressed in" style?  Maybe use that as the secondary selection?

If anyone actually manages to do something like this, I'd very much appreciate hearing about it.


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