without the GTK-Wimp


I'm making an application for win32 with GTK+2.2.
If I start my application, I find the following warning messages.

GTK WARNIG ** ... wimp
To solve the above problem, I follow the advice from 
Then I can settle the probelm, but I find another messages.
GTK WARNING **: Couldn't load font "굴림 9" falling back to "Sans 9". 
( cf. "굴림 9" is one of the window fonts for Korean.)
There ara some advices about it such as
"Uninstall GTK+ 2.2.4, then re-install it without the GTK-Wimp component",
"Go to Control Panel->Display properties->Apperance tab, and set all fonts to Tahoma (or any other TrueType 
font)." .
I hope to follow the first solution, but I don't know how to install GTK+ without the GTK-Wimp component.
Please give me some tips for it.
I used GTK-Runtime-Environment-2.2.4-3.exe & GTK-Development-Environment-2.2.4-3.exe for my application.(cf. 
http://www.dropline.net/gtk/download.php ) 

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