Re: Threads & popup windows under mswin

Hi John,

Please search the archives.

I can't :P 
Every time I try to search I get an error (

The more important question, though, is what are you trying to
accomplish? Just multithreading your GUI for the heck of it isn't a
really good idea. There's probably a better way to do what you want
that doesn't involve more than one thread.

A while back I sent one email (
gtk-app-devel-list/2004-April/msg00023.html) to the list, and Peter Krueger 
suggested the use of threads if the task was time consumming (http:// 

The GUI that I am building will download stuff from the internet, and while 
resolving, connecting and receiving data, it is not very responsive when not 
using threads.

Do you have a different suggestion?



Miguel Figueiredo
IT student / Marine Biologist
"Tem calma irmão que a morte não precisa do teu sim, é coisa certa, mais vale 
fazer da vida um festim." ALC

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