Re: Typo on gobject file ?

Harring Figueiredo wrote:
Folks, I was browsing through the gobject file and I saw the fowllowing:
   1418       if (strncmp (signal_spec, "any_signal::", 12) == 0 ||
   1419           strncmp (signal_spec, "any-signal::", 12) == 0)
   1420         {
   1421           signal_spec += 12;
1422 "gobject.c"

  Is that a typo on the if statement, or am I missing something in here .

Please let me know so we can file a <bug ?>
Harring Figueiredo.

Well, I'm not really that good with Gtk, nor do I have much experience, but my guess would be that the code is simply to allow either a - or a _ as a word separator in the signal name? In the examples I've looked at while learning gtk, I remember places (even in postings on this list) where some people use -, and others use _ to separate signal names. I've never actually tried using both, but it seems that both separators work equally well.

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