Re: Instabilities with multi threaded application

Tiago Cogumbreiro <cogumbreiro linus uac pt> writes:

Since Philip is using pthreads and gthreads use pthreads (in linux,
which i am assuming is his platform), wouldn't a simple gthreads_init,

Also, if only one thread changes the gui is the
gdk_threads_{enter,leave} needed surrounding main_loop?


Are g_{idle,timeout}_add add thread safe? Can i call them from another
problems with no problems whatsoever? I'm am routing all my gui related
tasks to these functions and therefore skiping the gdk lock, is this an
acceptable procedure?

Yes, calling g_idle/timeout_add from another thread is perfectly
legal. Those functions will do their own locking, so
gdk_threads_enter/leave() are no not needed. And yes, routing all gui
related tasks though those functions is acceptable and what I'd
usually recommend for using threads with GTK+.

There is no need for gdk_threads_enter/leave() in the callbacks either
since they will be called from the main gtk+ thread. Of course, if the
callbacks are accessing data structures that are modified by other
threads, then locking will be needed,

Oh and one more thing, the glib documentation has a bug in
g_strsplit_set function's documentation:

I'm assuming this function came from somewhere else and had the name
g_strtokenize, it should be g_strsplit_set. Should i fill a bug report
about this?

Yes, filing a bug at

is the thing to do, but I'll just go ahead and fix this one. Thanks.


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