signals to 2 objects

I'm new to gtk and this list.  I'm trying to write a
chess program in gtk/gnome and have been using derived
objects and essentially learning as I go.
I have an object heirarchy like this:

  |- game
       |- board
       |- view ... etc

The game object handles the input and coordination of
the view and board and player.  The app holds the
toolbar and menus.. and the board just processes chess

The board does some chess-legality checking when a
player makes a move and then notifies the game object
that a legal move was made, and the game object then
notifies the view to be redrawn with the updated
position.  I do this with a "move" signal emitted from
the board object and "caught" by the game object.  I
also want to update parts of my interface, which is
part of the app object.  How can the board send the
signal to both the game and the app and make sure that
game gets it first?  Or is there another mechanism
altogether I should be using to do this?

thanks in advance

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