Re: "Official GNOME 2 Developers Guide" (for newbies like me)

On Friday 30 Jan 2004 1:32 pm, Calum Benson wrote:
On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 15:14, Simon Maynard wrote:
Cheers for that Ian. Went straight to and ordered it for
less than a tenner. Now listed as £25, so u they obviously cocked up

Heh... I ordered it from Amazon for a tenner as well, wonder if they'll
honour it...


Well strcictly speaking it is a contract to supply at a given price.  I guess 
you/we would need to read their detailed terms and conditions to see if, for 
example, they could cancel it which would mean we would have to re-order at 
the new price. OTOH they are such a big, automated organisation then  it may 
well slip theough.  The other thing is they seem to have spotted the error 
and changed the price now but they have not informed you or I of any change 
so we could argue they had agreed to the original price.

Fingers crossed eh?


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