Re: help me!

Hai all especially behdad, 
          I am very sorry for my  mistake. Actually it happend by my mistake. I remember that i dont change 
the first few lines in the mail  
only After i click on the send button. Un fortunately i cant stop the mail because it hase already send. 
So i beg pardon once  again to all. 
I am friendly to all 
----- Original Message ----- 
From: Behdad Esfahbod <behdad cs toronto edu> 
Date:   Thu, 29 Jan 2004 04:50:59 -0500 
To: Manoj tr <trmanoj linuxmail org> 
Subject: Re: help me! 
On Thu, 29 Jan 2004, Manoj tr wrote: 

 Havoc Pennington, 

I see ur mail id in mailing list. 

I want a small help in gtk. 
What an unfriendly way of asking help.  If it's a private mail to 
Havoc which you know him etc, then send it to him, but if you are 
sending to list and you don't know Havoc, this is not really nice 
to write like this.  Afterall this guy is busy to death, if 
nothing else. 
The problem is i cand draw that image with the following code 

#include <gtk/gtk.h> 


what is wrong with here. The prog has no error in compiling. 

please help me 

Thanks in advance 


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