Re: "Official GNOME 2 Developers Guide" (for newbies like me)

On Friday 23 Jan 2004 11:48 pm, Marshall Lake wrote:
Just got back from Linux World Expo and I finally found a good printed
book for GTK2 (and various other GNOME libs) from No Starch Press.  Its
suppose to be out in Feb of 2004 and will be available on  I checked out a preliminary printed copy and it
looks like a great book for the beginner and beyond.

Oreilly ( is also taking preorders.  I suggest people
pick this one up as it not only goes over the various libs but but shows
how to use them to integrate your app into the GNOME framework.

It appears it's the same book at both nostarch and oreilly.  It might be a
little cheaper at oreilly, though, since I believe the price includes

Strange.  On the O'Reilly site it is listed as just under $50 which is about 
30 quid, but at you can pre-order it for less than a tenner.  
Someone cocked up somewhere???


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