Re: Widget borders in general

Greg Breland wrote:

I too am looking for a good border solution.  Widget boarders seem the
only weak part of GTK2 compared to Win32 as far as I can tell.  I wish
all widgets could have their boarders turned on and off, even widgets
that currently don't have boarders such as labels.  Label boarders is
what I want in particular.

Another boarder problem is that the border style doesn't seem to work.
I am sure this is a theme/gtk theme engine problem, but it is annoying
that none of the themes/engines I have will render bevelin any
different than bevelout.

So any suggestions how I can have borders around all my labels?  I've
thought of just making them flat buttons.

I think the simpliest way would be to embed all GtkLabels in GtkFrames.
They barely use extra resources and offer all border variations which
are available in GTK+.

However, please regard that borders around labels may confuse users
since this is a non-standard design. Usually only input fields have
borders. Different themes used by different users are an issue as well.

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