Re: Automatically generated code by Glade.. where to put certain functions?

On Mon, 19 Jan 2004 14:21:28 +0530
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but the problem is that i cannot put the code in callback.c
as it will mean putiing all the declarations in my new window

Typically in Gtk+ if you would want to use data thruout the whole scope of the program(on the lines of global 
variables) you could put all that in a structure and "attach"(using gtk_object_set_data) it to the "Main 
window"(or the main widget)
This data data which is "Attached" can be accessed by any of the widgets further created by using the 
gtk_object_get_data function.

For details regarding the gtk API's please check out

I personally would prefer doing the entire project _without_ using glade. Its much easier that way. Its more 
flexible that way, creating widgets without glade. But i should definaitly add that glade is good too.

for any gtk related docs would suffice(its if you are using 


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