Re: how to get a key_press_event for unfocussed windows?

Karl H. Beckers wrote:
that didn't do the trick ...
lemme try to make myself clear again ;)

I'd like to catch a keypress even if my application's window doesn't have keyboard focus. Much like e.g. Alt-F1 opens the Gnome main menu even if I'm typing in a Mozilla message window.

I have a feeling that "Alt-F1" is part of a set of reserved keys
defined at X server startup time that the WM regiters callbacks to
(much like ctrl-alt-del in "/etc/inittab").

But I dont know, just gut feeling here...

Is that possible without having to register with the window manager?
Any ideas (short of studying gnome-panel source ;) )?

A "keyboard_snooper" will give you any key events before processing them
if they are sent to the application (this I know).

Maybe there is an xlib semantic that will allow you to hijack all
keyboard events for "Display" ? (maybe your X server needs to be
configured for that ?)  Unfortunatly I dont know.

Wish I could help you more,

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