Re: Could someone help me writing a new widget?

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Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2004 2:26 AM
Subject: Could someone help me writing a new widget?

  This way you can 1)
  lock 2) add many items without the CheckListBox to readraw itself
  each time 3) unlock, and the changes are displayed all at once.

Couldn't you just hide the widget until all the items have been added and
then show the widget once added? Saves a bunch of redrawing (or so I would

  Also, the new Checklistbox should not have an elevator, but buttons
  for moving one line at a time and one screen at a time.  These
  buttons should be big.

Removing the "elevator" sounds like a particularly bad idea to me.
Especially if you're talking of a list of thousands of items. Who wants to
scroll 1 item, or even one page, at a time through a huge list to find one

Click(elevator)-drag(to the correct place)-release
As opposed to
Click(pagedown)-hold-hold-hold-hold-release then click(pageup) then

You could add a kind of double-arrow button to allow the widget to scroll
down a whole page rather than one entry. I think some well known office
products use methods like this for scrolling a page at a time.

            Stuart Gilbert.

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