Re: Compile GTK

I go to explain better. It was wanting to know some program in windows that it compiles GTK. In the case to have a possibility to compile in the Linux, as it would be for generating the executable one. Remembering that the intention is to compile the program and to generate an executable one of windows.


Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

Tristan Van Berkom belched:

Aldrey scribbled:

It would like to know where surrounding he would be better I to compile a program in GTK made in the Linux for the Windows. I am thankful since already.

GTK linux surrounding Windows already compiling thankful programs ?

Ok Ok,
    I hadn't had my cofee yet and I couldn't resist.
I apolagize for my rudeness.

If you wish to rephrase yourself in a more comprehensable
fashion I'll answer you to the best of my abilities.


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