Re: C++ Versus C (Was Re: Java Versus gtk)

I am frankly amazed at all of this discussion about safety and robustness.  I still think Ada 95 is still a 
better language for this than C or C++.  It may be more terse and verbose than the other two, however, when I 
program something in Ada it works pretty much the first time.  C code forget about it.  Too many cycles of 
debugging to get it right.  C++ is more like a screwy cross between keeping C and mangling it with OOP.  Just 
hate the syntax.  Just my $0.02, sooooo please don't flame war me! :-)

I actually do appreciate all of the effort the "C" coders do to provide technology to those of us 
non-conformers!  I just get tired of the bugginess that seems to be inherent in C/C++ software.  Lets not 
mention Java....


Clearly that code is not as robust nor safe (or probably even correct)
but I just wanted to show that C can be almost a flexible as C++.  

I'm sorry,
     I know this thread is getting pretty carried away and all,
I'm just surprised that you use the word "almost", in what way
can C++ be more flexable ?

Best Regards,

     Maybe I should read some paper on "why was C++ invented", (anyone
have a pointer to that ?) all I've got so far is "to have a C flavor
of OOP *language*", and we already know that we can achive OOP using
libraries and alot of boilerplate code.  When we found out how usefull
<string.h> was; we didn't invent a new compiler.

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