Bg-pixmaps on individual wigets

   Yesterday, i queried about how can i set styles on GtkLabel objects
from my RC file, which i've solved by using this line:

widget_class "*.GtkLabel" style "foo"

   But now i am into a new problem. If i set bg pixmaps on 'contained
wigets' like buttons etc, the image is drawn in such a way as if it
had been drawn on the whole window and not the buttton itself. Here
are the relevent lines in the RC file:

style "style-button"
  bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "Up_1.png"
  bg_pixmap[ACTIVE] = "Down_1.png"
  bg_pixmap[PRELIGHT] = "Over_1.png"

class "GtkButton" style "style-button"

  And here is the output: . If anyone knows
how to do what i want to do, Please do let me know how can i correct
this. Thanks in advance.

P.S. setting the style on individual pixmaps doesn't work either

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