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Harring Figueiredo ha scritto lo scorso 23/12/2004 0.11:

 This is mainly for Tor and Allin, but others with experience is, of course,
more than welcome to reply.

 What is the model you guys use to deploy on Windows -- By this I mean - When
creating a distribution with an installer, how to we set up so that the libs
are found correclty. I am trying to avoid using REGISTRY stuff for this and
also trying to avoid putting the GTK and my libs on the  WIN golder.

There are 2 ways to make your GTK apps running: the former is "the fast way", the latter is a more elegant and efficient one.

The fast way consists in simply bundling all GTK dlls together with your app, but this means that you must copy and copy again all GTK stuff for each application installed on one machine. Moreover, it is not possible to use themes (or maybe I have not deeply explored this possibility).

The efficient way consists in reproducing a full GTK runtime directory structure in traget machine's $COMMONFILES (thanks to NSIS :-) ) directory:


The directory share contains all theme subdirs, and you can switch between them by changing the .gtkrc-2.0 file located in users' profile directory (this file will contain following line:

include "C:/Programmi/File Comuni/GTK/2.0/share/themes/your_favourite_theme/gtk-2.0/gtkrc")

This is exactly what the GIMP does and it requires following registry entries:

            - DllPath (REG_SZ) "C:\Programmi\File comuni\GTK\2.0"
            - Path    (REG_SZ) "C:\Programmi\File comuni\GTK\2.0"
            - Version (REG_SZ) "2.4.13"

in addition with:
path=%path%;C:\Programmi\File comuni\GTK\2.0

(here I have substituted my own common files directory to the NSIS variable $COMMONFILES).

I have experienced that without the registry keys GTK applications continue to work, but the path entry is mandatory.

I believe GIMP is a great example, unfortunately I could not find the
installer set up stuff.

 Thanks for any help.


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