Windows tabbing issue

My product is actually PHP-Gtk (ergo Gtk 1.2.6, not Gtk 2.0), but I'm
hoping somebody here may have run into something similar and can offer some

On Winx Platform, I am trying to capture the tab key, and use it to move
the focus to a specific widget farther down the screen.  The widgets on the
window are a combination of GtkLabel, GtkEntry and GtkButton's and I need
the user to end up in an Entry, rather than on a button, etc...  

I connect_object to the first entry widget, sending along the widget I want
the focus to be as $next.  

Our code:

    $address_2->connect('key_press_event', 'PMfieldEvent', $city);

The PMfieldEvent function then checks to see if the key press is a tab and
shifts the focus to the next widget, as in:

    } elseif ($event->keyval == GDK_KEY_tab)   {

Problem is - instead of the next widget, it goes one widget past- as though
the tab signal was doubled somehow.

I've tried connect_after, but this additional tab seems to occur no matter

By the way, I use similar code for the enter key, w/o any problems at all.

Any suggestions?

Madeleine D.

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