Re: Design of MDI aplication

Am Tue, 14 Dec 2004 03:11:33 +1100 schrieb Russell Shaw:

   Apps that have many windows of equal priority result in them
   scattered all over the desktop, so need to be contained and
   managed in a global app window. An example is an instant
   messaging or IRC client where you can easily have windows
   open for a dozen people. A friend only uses M$ windows for his
   IM client because it does wiw MDI so all the contained windows
   are neatly panelled. This management removes all dependencies
   and vagaries of whatever window manager is being used.

   If many top level windows can be made to "stick" or dock
   together with the main menubar and all be iconized as a
   unit independent of the window manager, then this would
   go a long way to removing the need for wiw MDI.

Did you ever try Gaim? In Gaim you've all chats in tabs and if a new
message is there the tab changes color. Ok, if you chat with two people
it's some stressful to change tabs.

But I think Windows and Unix view is here so different because of the
lack of multible desktops in windows. If I use for example Gimp in
windows I get mad, because it opens a lot of windows in the taskbar
(Yes, I know how to disable this). But on Unix I put this app simply on
a new empty destop. So there's no difference to a MDI app. But I could
move one single Gimp window to another desktop, with MDI I couldn't do


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