Re: almost off-topic ... GtkMozEmbed

  Hello Antônio,

  I use this widget on an application I'm writing and I don't think
it's possible to zoom in/out html pages. Note that I might be wrong,
since I use gtkmozembed in a pretty basic way.
  Sorry I can't help.

  Take care.

On Fri, 3 Dec 2004 18:33:46 -0200 (BRST), Antônio Gomes
<agan ufam edu br> wrote:
Hello All,

Does anyone use or have used the "GtkMozEmbed: Gtk Mozilla Embedding
Widget" ?
GtkMozEmbed is an easy-to-use widget that will allow you to embed a
Mozilla browser window into your Gtk application. If yes, i wanna know
that if it make possible to do "zoom in/out" (or increase/decrease text).
Does anyone know how  can I do it with GtkMozEmbed ?

thanks in advance ...

Antônio Gomes
Computer Science - Amazonas Federal University - VoIP Lab
Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia - Embedded Linux Lab
AM - Brazil

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