Re: event/signal "on-top" [ clarification ]

Jan-Marek Glogowski wrote:

Do you really want something like "on-top", or are you looking for the
focus-in event? It's not clear, what you want to accomplish, so on-top may
be the wrong term.

    I'm currently writing an animated widget implementation with a variable
amount of configurable "states", some of these states will only be code
driven and others will be configured to windowing system events; currently
I have "button-press-event" and "button-release-event" for two (quite popular)
states, I'd like that when a window be presented (popup or other) to catch
this event in order to hardwire an "introduction" state to that.

    --> enter foo screen   (bar button goes to "intro state")
    --> press bar button   (bar button goes to "down state")
    --> release bar button (bar button goes to "up state")

    --> show foo confirm popup             (bar button goes to "intro state")
    --> bar's intro state animation "ends" (bar button goes to "up state")

From my tests so far, I find that I can probably traverse the widget
heirarchy looking for the immediate parent of type GdkWindow and then
connect to its "focus-in-event" signal (at an appropriate time like
in GTK_WIDGET_CLASS(my_foobar)->map() ). I think this should work.

Any ideas of something more appropriate ?


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