Re: Dynamic style modification for all widgets?

Pablo Mejia wrote:
I am working on an embedded application (only thing running).  I am
using a gtkrc file to set up some styles for the interface.  At run
time I would like to modify the colors in each styles and have the
changes be reflected in the styles.

What I don't want to do is make a call on *each* widget in my
application.  Other than that, I am open to any suggestions.  I've
looked at the gtk documentation for styles, rc files and settings but
it is not clear to me what I should do.

I tried to use gtk_settings_set_string_property on gtk-theme-name to
load a new rc file.  I also tried using gtk_rc_parse without any luck.

I'm using gtk-2.2.3 and my interface is all loaded using libglade.

I would appreciate any pointers.  Thanks, Pablo

You might want to look into gtk_rc_reparse_all, which you can find more about


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