Re: how to get current focus widget

On Fri, 2003-09-26 at 01:44, manu aradhya wrote:
hi i have set of widgets in a page of a notebook, when
page is going to change i want to  know which widget
has the focus,so i can set it back when i will come to
that page agian. how to  get the current focused

GTK+ automatically manages the focus widget for GtkNotebook;
it remembers the focus widget when appropriate (e.g.,
when switching pages with the keyboard), and doesn't when
it isn't appropriate (e.g., when selecting pages by clicking
with the mouse)

If you do something different, you will be inconsistent with
other GTK+ programs and cause confusion for your users.

That being said, 

GtkWidget *gtk_window_get_focus (GtkWindow *window);


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