Re: Tree View Tutorial (Request for Comments)

Great Job. 

 I am still reading it, and will probably come up with more stuff.

 Here are some open items you have, and some solutions.

GDK_TYPE_PIXBUF - stores a GdkPixbuf in the store (makes a copy of the original
pixbuf) (FIXME!? does it just ref the pixbuf? check source)

A:  It increments the ref_count on the pixbuf, the user might want to unref, it
he/she wants the pixbuf destroyed when no longer needed by the liststore.(i.e.
when the row is deleted.)


--- Tim Müller <zen18864 zen co uk> wrote:

I have written a GtkTreeViewTutorial (for C), which you can find here:

This is a first version, so it probably contains a fair amount of errors and 

Nothing really qualifies me to write this tutorial, other than the fact that 
in the last couple of months I have used the tree view in almost every wrong 
way conceivable. 

I'd be grateful for any kind of feedback (suggestions, comments, typos etc.).

Feel free to point out awkward grammar or wording as well.

Anyone who knows anything about treeview Drag'n'Drop, please do have a look
the appropriate section, as this is an area I know virtually nothing about.


PS: the above URL is temporary.

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