RE: newbie question, convert gchar to int?

 Hello, I am trying to convert a string which the user
entered in the text entry box into a type int, I tried
to use atoi but when I print it out, it didn't give me
the integer instead it gave me the address of that
string. Any suggestions? thanks in advance.

All you should have to do is:

        G_CONST_RETURN gchar *text = NULL;

        text = gtk_entry_get_text(GTK_ENTRY(myentry));
        if(text && g_utf8_strlen(text,-1) > 0)
                gint number = -1;

                number = atoi(text);
                g_message("the number is :%d", number);

If you are interested in catching errors based on users entering non numeric
characters, perhaps you should consider either:

        number = g_ascii_strtod(text, &endptr);

or using a GtkSpinButton where only numeric values are excepted:   


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