Gnome Help

Could some kind sould please let me know what are the steps necessary to
add online help to a Gnome/GTK documentation? 

I did the following, yet, while I get a menu item, it is clearly not

1. Modify the source code: I changed how I build a menu to add
GNOMEUIIINFO_HELP("esos"), as in:

    GnomeUIInfo help_menu_menu_uiinfo[] = {
        GNOMEUIINFO_MENU_ABOUT_ITEM (on_about, app_window),

2. Change and I specified in the
that help/Makefile, help/C/Makefile are to be generated. I have added
help in SUBDIRS in top level

3. Add files and directories: I have added xmldocs.make and omf.make to
the top level directory. I created help directory, with a,
that lists C in SUBDIRS. I have created C directory, with figures
directory in it, esos-C.omf file, esos.xml file, legal.xml file and a with the following content:

figdir = figures
docname = esos
lang = C
omffile = esos-C.omf
entities = legal.xml
include $(top_srcdir)/xmldocs.make
dist-hook: app-dist-hook

Everything builds and I get esos.xml, legal.xml and figures directories
installed under /usr/share/gnome/help/esos/C, while /usr/share/omf/esos
directory contains esos-C.omf. Yet, when the program is started pressing
F1 or selecting Contents from the Help menu results in absolutely
nothing. Not even an error message. So what did I miss?


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