GTK+ Canvas ............

Iam new to Gtk+ and Windows. I have selected GTk+ for my project. Before i proceed with reading documents, I expect some points to be

I have enough knowledge in tool kits (like tcl/tk, python/tkinter). In most of all tool kits the drawing area is called as "Canvas" which is a special window used for drawing items like circle,rectangles, lines, etc.,. Is there any canvas in Gtk?

I know that "GnomeCanvas" does all my above work. But GnomeCanvas works only in linux not in Windows (Iam using Windows 2000).

    In other tool kits, when an item is drawn on the canvas, it
returns an Id, which could be used for further selection of the item. Apart from that, users can also give their own "Id" or "tag" to an
 item. Is that mechanism is adopted in Gtk?

  Let make clear before i proceed with GTK+.

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