GScanner configuration

Hello everybody

I was wondering if someone had experience with the GScanner (Glib) ? I'm trying to parse a string, however 
this string is not seperated by normal quotes, but by two user defined symbols, such as these: # # ...... string data ...... @#@ .... more data ...

Where the symbol "# #" specificly marks the start of the string, and "@#@" marks the end.  These could be any 
symbols, depending on the type of data beeing scanned.

Put in short terms, is it possible to alter the quotation character, and can it be defined as symbol (of more 
than one character's length) ?

I searched for more documentation on the GScanner, but i wasn't able to find any thing other, than the breif 
description that came with the installation. 

Thanks in advance

Morten Silcowitz
Viborggade 4 st tv
DK-2100 København Ø

tlf. :  20 66 83 36
email:  morten silcowitz dk

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