Re: doubt on usage of combobox

On Tue, 2003-09-09 at 06:56, john wrote:
hi there,
          i am making use of a combo box to get input from the user that
contains text options like add,sub,div,mul,etc..
i dont want the user to enter his own option..(ie)he has to pick up an
option from the list that is in a combo to make it like a list box
in vc++..i am a newbie to GTK
plz do help me ..

You can use the next function :

gtk_combo_set_value_in_list(myCombo, TRUE, FALSE);
/* value must be in list, empty values are not ok */

also, the Gtk::Combo widget contains a Gtk::Entry widget. You can
disable "editable".

gtk_entry_set_editable(myCombo->entry, FALSE);

Please take a look for more info at :

You can also consider the usage of GtkOptionMenu...

Hope it helps :-)

thanks in advance

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