Re: GTK+-2.3.0 released [unstable]


Matthias Mann <matman matman24 org> writes:

 Now GtkCTree is not very old but deprecated. What's about
 GtkFileSelection? Du i need to update my source code in
 the next three months?

Deprecated doesn't mean that you cannot use it any longer. It just
means that you should not be using it in new code.

 If i like to install any for M$-Windows 1995 written
 application on a $Windows XP system (since 2000) there are
 no problems while using these very old binaries on a modern
 PC system. But installing Gtk+ application binaries,
 written in 2002, will make big problems for big projects
 if i like to install them on a one year newer OS(with Gtk+)?

Just keep gtk+-1.2 installed and you can continue to use the old
software. This actually works a lot better than Windows backward


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