Re: External window on gtkwindow

I am just wondering if this is possible with Xembed. Xembed is a
protocol to help embedding of a control from one application into
another application. It has support for out-of process controls, written
in any toolkit or even plain Xlib.

And Xembed implementation is available in gtk+ (gtkxembed.c,
gtksocket.c, gtkplug.c etc. files). There are test programs
testsocket.c, testsocket_child.c, testsocket_common.c under gtk+/tests
directory. You can have a look at them.


Ariel Fritz wrote:

Hi all

I´d like to know if I can put an external window ( any application
like xterm o any mp3 player) in a gtk window.
I want to do it, because I need to move the external window as I want.
is it possible? how can I do it? There is any way to solve this?

Thanks in advance

Ariel Antonio Fritz

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