how to make sure a drawing area DOES NOT honors style changes

I changed the subject as the problem was that I used
gtk_widget_set_style() which acts badly with themes, as the docs suggested (funny that I was able to overlook 
this!). So use .._set_style() to make
the widget NOT honour style changes.

Try either waiting until the GtkDrawingArea is realized or calling 
gtk_widget_ensure_style on it before creating the layouts.

This made me do a test case. And it happens that I used 
gtk_widget_set_style() (I overlooked this in my long code),
which the doc explicitly said that it interacts badly with themes.

Thank you for your answer, it helped me find the right way.

What should I do to have the drawing area respond to style

I'm not sure how to handle style changes.  

It looks like gtk_widget_modify_style is the way to go.

Melvin Hadasht

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