Re: without Xwindows ?

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 06:20, vivek wrote:
 Is it possible to use GTK/GDK  without X-Windows ?

Here's what I did to get not only GTK working without X-windows, but an
entire development environment (using cygwin):

Get cygwin and install all the necessary packages (including libiconv,
libintl, gcc, and bash) in c:\cygwin.  This will cause cygwin to map
c:\cygwin -> "/" .  Your home directory will now be c:\cygwin\home\joe
== /home/joe.

Get the "GTK+ Development Environment" from and
install it under c:\gtk-devel

Get the "GTK+ Runtime Environment" from and
install it under c:\gtk-run

Copy the files from c:\gtk-devel to /usr (== c:\cygwin\usr)

Copy the files from c:\gtk-run to /usr

Go to /usr/lib and move all the GTK+ - related .lib files out of the
way.  That is, only the GTK-related DLL files must remain in /usr/lib. 
The compiler doesn't seem to like the static libraries provided by, however, it seems to like the .dll files.  Make sure the
aclocal and auto{make,conf} files that the dropline packages install are
copied to /usr/share, otherwise will not work.

Copy your project to /home/joe/project.  Make sure there are NO, I
repeat NO files in there that autogen is supposed to generate.  IOW,
clean your project of all m4 macros and all other generated stuff.

LDFLAGS="-L/lib/mingw" CFLAGS="-mno-cygwin -mms-bitfields -I/include"

This should work and take you up to make.

If you have generated your project using glade, in support.h you will
have to comment out calls to gettext.  I have not been able to get
libintl to work (unresolved external symbols) at the end of compilation)

VERY IMPORTANT:  Never run autogen twice !  The second time around, the
linking will result in a million unresolved external symbols, and you'll
have to start with a clean slate.

Anyway, this is my CAD$0.02 worth.

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