Re: Interface with 64 toggleable elements: what's the best way?

Sean McAfee wrote:
Hi, folks--
I was able to create labels with white text using this method, but
when I changed the "fg" to "bg", the labels did not have white
backgrounds.  I tried many different code permutations, but without
any success, so I gave up on that idea.

Probably because letters are being written with fg only.
Maybe you could try set GdkFill to GDK_OPAQUE_STIPPLED.
Pango does all kinds of things with text too.

My next idea was to represent the bits as pixmaps: an empty circle for
a clear bit, and a filled circle for a set bit.  I want my program to
be completely standalone, so now I'm trying to create a pair of
textual xpm's that look like decent circles, which isn't completely

It's much easier to create an outline and solid circle using
gdk_draw_arc() onto GdkPixmap at the start of your program.

I could keep slogging on, but I thought I would first ask you folks
for some advice.  Besides the two above approaches, I thought of two
others.  The first is to represent each bit as a canvas widget onto
which I'd draw (say) filled or empty circles or rectangles.  This
would involve asking the canvas for its current size, which, at least
under Tk, was always a somewhat dicey proposition.  The other was to
change my current 33x4 table into a single canvas widget, onto which
I'd draw everything: labels, set bits, and clear bits.

Are any of my ideas workable, or is there a better way?  Thanks in
advance for any help.

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