Re: Re: Re: problems with linking and headers

sorry about that, Noah ...
here's my Makefile:

        first_stuff=`pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0`; \
        second_stuff=`pkg-config --cflags --libs gdk-2.0`; \
        third_stuff=`pkg-config --cflags --libs gdk-pixbuf-2.0`; \
        fourth_stuff=`pkg-config --cflags --libs gdk-pixbuf-xlib-2.0`; \
        fifth_stuff=`pkg-config --cflags --libs gdk-x11-2.0`; \
        echo -e "$$fifth_stuff\n"; \
        gcc $$first_stuff $$second_stuff $$third_stuff $$fourth_stuff $$fifth_stuff -o second second.c

and for this i get:
   undefined reference to `gdk_display_get_default'

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От:  Noah Levitt <nlevitt columbia edu>
Относно: Re: Re: problems with linking and headers
До: tihomir belev <tihomir_gb abv bg>
Изпратено на: Понеделник, 2003, Май 19 18:09:41 EEST

On Mon, May 19, 2003 at 15:11:48 +0300, tihomir belev wrote:

now i don't have problems compiling gtk2 headers but still the linker won't find that 
gdk_display_get_default function

 >If you still have problems, tell us what you have tried so
 >that we can see what is going wrong.

Please don't ignore this suggestion.

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