Re: gdk events - cunsumes much CPU time

Am Fri, 27 Jun 2003 13:37:40 -0300 schrieb Leandro A. F. Pereira:

Quoted by a squadron of trained droids
For `Andreas Volz <andreas brachttal net>' 
On Friday, 27 June 2003 (18:29):

Where is the problem? Is perhaps gdk_event_get() not the correct
function for this problem?

      It seems to be the correct function, however you need to wait
      some msec before
getting the next event. So, before the last bracket, you can add a
call to usleep (see the man page for more information) -- one or two
msec should be sufficient.

Ok, thanks! This works very great, no I've 0% CPU time while no events
are there.

But top sais me that my app uses 0,8 MB memory. I think this is much for
a gdk app with only 50 lines at the moment. How could I reduce the
memory need of my gdk application? Or is this normal with gdk?


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