gdk_pixbuf_save don`t work on win32 from gtk 2.2.1

Hirurg writes:
  The overwriting error message was: Unable to load image-loading module: C:\P

as we can see that gtk use wrong slash under windows ( \DEBUG/ ).
(uder linux my sample is work)

That is not a problem. (Forward) slashes do work like backslashes in
file names on Windows.

I assume that the path otherwise looks correct, and that you do have
libpixbufloader-jpeg.dll in the indicated location on your system?

If so, the real problem is probably that you don't have some other DLL
in your PATH that the libpixbufloader-jpeg.dll needs, like the libjpeg
DLL. (What the name of this is depends on what build of GTK for
Windows you have; the most recent GTK build uses a JPEG build (from that provides


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