Re: libglade autoconnect misses some callbacks

Thanks Martyn,

I am actually using it on Linux. I did try manually connecting the
window_show event, and it connects fine, but never gets called when I show
that window.

I imported the exact code of the glade output, so I know the callbacks
*should be called. Oh well, I will keep hacking!!


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The autoconnect function in libglade does not work on Windows because of
issues with gmodule (part of GLIB).  You have to manually connect the
signals.  If you look at src/callbacks.c where your glade file is kept,
should find all the callbacks are defined there.

Basically, as I understand it, gmodule (on Linux) is used by libglade to
hooks into the callback functions as specified in the glade file.  It is
this that does not work on Windows.

I am not sure if it is or isnt possible, but It has not been fixed yet.


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Subject: libglade autoconnect misses some callbacks

Hi All,

I have just started using libglade (assisted by the lovely
anjuta), and I
find it far preferable to using glade-generated output, but I
am having
trouble getting it to connect all the callbacks.

Well, actually, it IS connecting them all, but I find that the
'on_window_show' callbacks are not being called for top-level
windows. I can
call the functions directly from the main method, and
libglade does not show
any errors saying that it can't find the callback, so I'm
thinking it might
be something more to do with my understanding of GTK windows,
than to do
with libglade.

I'm sorry I can't paste code right now, I'm at work, but is there some
well-known issue with windows in libglade, like...they don't
call their show

Sorry this is a bit of a 'my-code-dont-work-pleez-fix-it'
post, please flame
is needed and I will post some code when I get home.


Tyson Lloyd Thwaites

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