RE: Menu/toolbar choices

So, the current choices seem to the stuff in libegg or 
bonoboui. Sadly, though he libegg stuff sounds promising, it 
doesn't seem to be in compilable state, and has no docs. Does 
it/will it support the above-mentioned features ? Is anyone 
actively working on it ? Some place to go for help ?

I suggest you wait for GTK+ 2.4 which should have the libegg menu stuff.
When GTK+ 2.4 exists I don't think BonoboUI will have much future apart from
as a component framework - I suppose it will continue to be supported but
will not be considered the ideal API to use. This is purely a personal
opinion - There is no GNOME-wide plan and no consensus at the moment.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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