RE: making wider/taller scrollbars

style "scrollbar" {
        GtkScrollbar::slider_width = 30
class "GtkScrollbar" style "scrollbar"

Hello fat scrollbars!  

Thanks for the help.

Alex Pavloff - apavloff eason com
Eason Technology --

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On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 06:36:10PM -0800, Alex Pavloff wrote:
How can I, programatically or via a gtkrc file, make 
vertical scrollbars
taller and horizontal scrollbars wider?  My gtk2 app will 
be going onto a
touchscreen, and people finger's (especically when they've 
got gloves on)
are fatter than the defaults.

It appears it's controllable by a style properly on GtkRange called
"slider_width".  See this page for information on setting style

I haven't tried it, but if it can be done that's the way to do it.

      Evan Martin
martine cs washington edu

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