drawing text with GDK


GDK manual says that "gdk_draw_string is deprecated and should not be
used in newly-written code."  However, for my needs gdk_draw_string()
or gdk_draw_text() seem best.  I need to draw several single letters
centered at certain position inside a widget (which represents a go
board - goban; you can think of letters as of labels on a chess board).

Pango stuff seems a little bit overcomplicated for such a purpose.
Should i use it nevertheless or is using "deprecated" functions
acceptable with respect to future versions of GTK+?

One of the main problem with Pango is that i need a different than
default font (or rather, font size and weight).

What would you suggest to use for the purpose of drawing a fixed set
of single letters?

thank you in advance,
  Paul Pogonyshev

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