Hi gtk guru,

        I hope my question won't sound too weird, but I am *really* stuck.

I want to know when a 'gdk_window_at_pointer' call could freeze my X session ? I even loose the ability to switching to a console (C+Alt+F1 ...). Before calling it should I check something ?

BTW if I call 'gdk_flush' (which is BTW a XSync call), the X freeze deseapear. But I don't see why I should call this function. Don't take me as arrogant but if I should not add gdk_flush this is because it's inside the code of wxWindows (which should be safe).

That said I am working on a class that would link wxWindow (ie wxGTK for my case) to VTK (see for more info). You'll find the beginning of my work on:

I don't think this could be usefull for you, anyway this was only to give a context to my question.

thank a lot if you could give me any advice.

Mathieu Malaterre
28 Avenue du Doyen LEPINE
B.P. Lyon-Montchat
69394 Lyon Cedex 03

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