Problems with Gnome2


I know that this is not the right mailing list. But I can't find an 
appropriate one for my problem. I'm a Debian Sid user and have the following 
problem since I upgraded from Gnome 1.4 to Gnome 2.0:

When I logging into the gnome-session (from KDM) the splash screen appears 
then the first 2 programs are loaded and then... a program (I don't know 
which one) blocks further loading for about 30 seconds. I have tried to start 
the gnome-session by hand in am xterm to see printed warnings and errors, but 
noe error and no warning is printed, but the problem (30 second blocking) is 
the same. Additional info: I'm using sawfish.

Maybe someone can help me.

Greets, Martin

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