Re: expose_event

Am Don, 2002-09-12 um 04.38 schrieb Paul Davis:
i have never used glade. i C++, gtk+1.2 with gtkmm1.2, and i use the
GtkCanvas, a backport from GnomeCanvas that removed the (then)
dependencies on GNOME. it works fine. i use GtkCanvas just to avoid
GNOME; when we switch to GTK+2, i will switch the "real" GnomeCanvas.
right now, i use the Canvas as a pure "C" object.

Why do you use Canvas as a "C" object if you use C++ (and gtkmm) ?

because there is only a C++ wrapper for GnomeCanvas, and that (with
GTK+ 1.2) means linking in lots of other GNOME libs. i don't want to
do that. when we move to gtkmm2, i will start using the C++ wrapper
for the GnomeCanvas.

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