dnd (drag and drop)

hi every ones.

i write in , because i have some problem for enable properly the
drog an d drop in my new application...

i need help

what i try !!!

i(ve make a window containing three tree view list

the first is for the result.

the second and the third for directories and files navigation.

the first has set to be the target.
and two other the source of the drag

i've set the  target by

GtkTargetEntry drop_entry[] = {
               {"text/uri-list", 0 ,O}};

and the two other in dirferent way

GtkTargetEntry drag1_entry[] = {
               {"text/uri-list", 0, O}}
GtkTargetEntry drag2_entry[] ...

the problem when i drag in the directory list
drop work well,
but when i drag in the file list, the result is not showed directly
i must drag in directory for have the drop file ?????

hopely my explanation is understandable..

thank's for all help you can give to me...

best regards

stephane bouillart

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