Re: set_modal/grab_add

Tristan Van Berkom <vantr touchtunes com> writes:

      While I sift through the source someone might
be able to tell me:



do the same as:

      gtk_window_set_modal(window, TRUE);

exept for the the window not having its "modal"
property set ?

set_modal() is essentially "gtk_grab when the window
is shown, ungrab when it is hidden." 

There are a few extra tweaks based on the modal flag -- e.g.,
if you call gtk_window_set_modal() on a GtkFileSelection 
object, it will properly make child dialogs modal sa well.
the reason for this question is that I would like
to "set_modal" on my own custom widget which
doesn't inherit from GtkWindow. (I know I could
give it it's own window but I'll eliminate alot
of extra code this way.)

Note that every widget displayed on the screen must have
a GtkWindow as the toplevel widget on the heirarchy 
or GTK+ will not work correctly. 


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