Re: refreshing a drawing area when a spinbutton is used.

I think its at the GtkWidget level

something like gtk_widget_queue_draw()
and than your widget will recieve a signal
(expose ?) in the next g_main_loop itteration.

Chris Garrett wrote:


I have created a GtkWindow, with a horizontal box in it.  In the first cell
of the box, there is a drawing area containing one pixbuf.  In the second
cell there is a spinbutton.

The pixbuf is to be used as a brush (This window is a preview of the brush),
the size of which is dictated by the spinbutton.

I have successfully connected a signal to the spin button so that the brush
size is changed and the pixbuf is redrawn appropriately.  However, I cannot
seem to get the drawing area to refresh.

The expose event on the drawing area is working fine - I can move the window
behind another, and when I bring it back to the front, the new brush is
shown.  I need it to do this as soon as a value is changed on the
spinbutton, however.

How do I get the spinbutton to generate an expose event or tell the drawing
area to refresh itself?

Best regards,


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