Re: pb in compilation with threads...

Its difficult to say what is going wrong without source. I can only say
 that I never had problems with mthreaded gtk applications.
Look at example I've attached - its gtk+-2.0 mt app.


thank you for the example, it works good :)

but when i create just a simple main window and i quit, the program doesn't
make a segv...

maybe i don't use threads very well...

so, in my program, i have to fork to execute a program which will write into
a pipe that the father will read into.
for that, i have a function that creat a new thread like that:
g_thread_create((GThreadFunc) toolbar_start_OS_thread, data, 0, &error);

do i forgot something??
in the function toolbar_start_OS_thread, do i have to call some threads
functions too???

plz help, i don't understand the problem :(:(

ps : thank you for your help :)

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