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El jue, 21-11-2002 a las 16:32, Andreas Volz escribió:
Am Thu, 21 Nov 2002 16:40:50 +0100
Emmanuel Saracco <esaracco noos fr> schrieb:
you must catch an event on the entry widget, and then check the state
of your checkbox *from inside* the callback function.

to do that, you have two methods:

1/ register your checkbox widget with gtk_object_set_data() after
creating it, so it will be possible to retrieve a pointer reference on
it later with gtk_object_get_data() -- the cleanest way;

2/ declare a global pointer that reference your checkbox widget - the
fastest way.


The first method fits for me. But where is the description of
gtk_object_set/get_data()? I've the gtk+ 2.0 Reference Manual an the
gtk+ 2.0 Tutorial. I couldn't find it there. Please help me ;-)

Also, you can search on the FAQ:
"5.15 How do I attach data to some GTK+ object/widget?"

However, with GTK+-2.0 you must change gtk_object by g_object,


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