Re: Is there a way to make this work?

well: when i fork the get and parse code it works. But it starts adding
to the clist when the pasing isn't complete yet! how can you allow a
child to write to the gtk widget? Or do you have an example of what you

I mean that processes and threads have a means of comunication. You 
could get the child process to "tell" the parent process that
data is ready to be added to the CList.

i created a thread wich get, parses the xml and updates the clist. But
it chrases, resulting in a zombie.

If your having problems debugging your child you could do something
like this:

  static int block_and_wait = 1;
  while (block_and_wait);

at the begining of your child stuff.
  Hook on the the "spinlocking" process
with gdb and tell the program with gdb
that `block_and_wait = 0'

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